Server Status: Online

NEW Vulcanus Update is Live!

Please Download The Latest v1474 Manual Client Patch!
Discord Channel:

GM Event: Thursday Server Time: [10-11 PM] CET [Update!]

Top Up to +30% Bonus T-Gold Coins!

2nd Week: Pet Taming Event!
Server Extra Features
Permanent Server Buffs Login Event
[Daily] 1-2 Hourly Powerful Server Buffs
Online Spin Tokens Every 1 Hour!
Actively hunting monsters in custom maps Lv 150++ will be rewarded!
Treasure Koala, Event Chest and EXP Pixies might spawn nearby for a limited time
New Hector Field & Dungeon Boss Spawns
Power of The Gods and more!

How to obtain T-Coins?!

Obtain coins from daily quests, arena bosses, spin tokens, world bosses, GM Events or by Top Up!
Receive Spin Tokens every 1 hour for staying online!