Up to +30% Bonus T-Gold Coins on certain donations!

T-Gold coins can be exchanged at the T-coin Trader in The Horizon/Laksy Town.
Donation policy
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Option 1. Paymentwall | Pay by Mobile

How to donate?
Select the payment method you like to donate with
Enter your Email address + Character Name and click proceed.
Select the Item(s) you want to buy.
Click Buy and Complete your payment.
All in one donation method prepaid, bank, paypal etc.
P.s Bank donations might take up to 2-5 business days
Mobile version prepaid, bank, paypal etc

Option 2. Paypal

Scan the QR code with mobile or click on the image.
Donate the amount you like to exchange T-Gold coins with.
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20 T-Gold Coins for $10.00!
50 T-Gold Coins for $25.00!
100 T-Gold Coins for $50.00!
200 T-Gold Coins for $100.00!
500 T-Gold Coins for $200.00 = Save 20%!
1000 T-Gold Coins for $350.00 = Save 30%!

Stage 5 Tier 2-5 Pet for $25.00
Stage 5 T6 or Unique Pet for $50.00
+12 Skill card Any Kind for $20.00