Up to +30% Bonus T-Gold Coins on certain donations!

T-Gold coins can be exchanged at the T-coin (Spin & Win trader) in The Horizon Town.
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How to donate for T-Gold Coins?
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Scan the QR code with mobile or click on the image.
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20 T-Gold Coins for $10.00!
50 T-Gold Coins for $25.00!
100 T-Gold Coins for $50.00!
200 T-Gold Coins for $100.00!
500 T-Gold Coins for $200.00 = Save 20%!
1000 T-Gold Coins for $350.00 = Save 30%!

Stage 5 Tier 2-5 Pet for $25.00
Stage 5 T6 or Unique Pet for $50.00
+12 Skill card Any Kind for $20.00